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At Sandy Springs Locksmith 24, we offer our customers a wide range of locksmith services, including rekeying locks. This is one of our best services as it offers many benefits to our customers. When one of our locksmith technicians rekeys a lock, they perform adjustments on the lock that allows it to work with a different key.
For example, if you lost a key for a given lock, but would like to still use the same lock, our locksmith technician can service the lock so that it works with a brand new key or a key of your choosing. This is why people often rekey locks when they lose a key. However, there are many applications for this service. In other situations, you may want to rekey a lock even if you still have its working key, so you can use the same key with various locks and reduce your chances of losing your keys.


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Need to Rekey Your Lock?

Locksmith in Sandy Springs is here to help! Our locksmith technicians are trained to work on any locks you may have. We are familiar with a diverse range of locks, so we can work on everything from the most ornate to the most complex locks. If you need to rekey your lock, simply call us up and let us know the details of the lock in question. Our expert lock technician will gather all the materials and equipment they need to rekey your lock.

Wherever you are in Sandy Springs, our locksmith technician will be there! Reach out to us anytime, day or night, and we will do our best to reach you as soon as possible. We will also conduct our services in a fast and efficient manner, so your lock rekeying is completed in a timely fashion. If you have any special requests, simply let us know. If there is a particular key you would like to use for the rekeying, we can examine it and see if it would be possible. If not, we can provide an original key for your needs. 

Rekeying Lock

We can rekey all types of locks including:

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